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Anneke Eussen (1978, NL) lives and works in Vaals (NL) and her latest series of glass works are made of car windows that have been stored for over 30 years. The recycling of materials into a new order is a common practice within Eussen’s work.


Repurposing materials reshuffles their meaning, creating different angles to look through. Eussen considers the glass works as ‘Zeit-Zeichnungen’ (time drawings). The traces of humidity, rain, dust, rust create a unique appearance for every work. With only a couple of actions she brings a tension between materials, between controlled and uncontrolled action.


Again we see a play with time and gravity, lifting the original materials to a whole new dimension. The medium of drawing gets extended towards a spatial, sculptural and architectural experience. This sculptural way of working in drawing is essential within Eussen’s practice.

Galerie Fontana has a  collaboration with Galerie Tatjana Pieters (BE) 

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