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Holder of Open Endedness
Pillar as Nest
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Holder of Cycles
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Galerie Fontana is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands by our young talent Julia Aurora Guzmán.

During the recent Van Nelle Art Rotterdam fair, Julia Aurora Guzmán (1993), presented a mixed media of sculptures and installations that play with the audience’s perception of immensity. Her work, now more elaborated in a solo context, interweaves various dimensions of support systems as found throughout architecture, methods of display, social dynamics, and mental processes, and re-contextualize them into abstract works of art.

How can an artwork represent a body in continuous adaptation, transformation, and gradual understanding? Balancing the industrial and the hand-crafted, Amsterdam-based Dominican artist Julia Aurora Guzmán explores this question and the boundaries of self-support and its precariousness, as a concept. 

She concretizes this via sculptural interpretations of emotional structures she experiences within herself and those she’s surrounded by, while using architectural references; the primary foundation of support we create for ourselves. 

The exhibition will be shown until Saturday 1 June 2019

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