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Components 2 & 3
The Backside
Het aardmassief
Once upon a time in the Spring
2:33:12 PM
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Doors and Secrets
Once upon a time in the Summer
f 5.5
2:38:46 PM
Component 0.1

The Belgian Connection Part One:


Caroline Van den Eynden & Katleen Vinck


Fontana kicks off the new season with two Belgian artists. The title of this duo presentation is ‘ABSOLUUT’ which here means incomparable. This exhibition is created in collaboration with DMW Space Art & Base Alpha Gallery in Antwerp

Especially for this exhibition, Caroline van den Eynden (Belgium, 1982) has made a site-specific work: She extended Fontana’s flag which is always waving at the facade. In her work architectural elements merge as easily as memories do. Her works of art want to represent unspoken spatial possibilities, alluding to architectural poetry. ‘I emphasize what others have failed to notice. People focus on their immediate vicinity or distant future. I stress passages, evolutions and unspoken possibilities, both in the future and the past.’


The sculptures by Katleen Vinck (Belgium, 1976) report a more elusive memory. They look both futuristic and outdated. They are stone constructions which are decayed and exposed in time. The artist is specifically interested in the nature of intermediate forms between nature and culture, hybrids in border areas that embody a form of transformation. Intrigued by the malleability of the reality that surrounds us, and the interaction of man on his environment, her works are suggestive answers to the question to what extent reality can be staged.

7 September - 2 November 2019



Wednesday - Saturday 
13.00 - 18.00

For an appointment outside opening hours:

+31 (0)20 22 3 88 33

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