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Multimedia artist Jehoshua Rozenman paints, makes videos and sculpts. Ever since he discovered glass as the ideal medium to make his ideas tangible, he has been working with this material. Its fragile and breakable character plays beautifully against its ability to last for thousands of years. Glass can be graceful, clean and transparent, but it can also show the darker sides of life with dangerously sharp edges and reused broken pieces. 

“In a sense, my work is aesthetic but not beautiful. I do not make decorative objects and I do not emphasize the cheerful side of life. What I am looking for are images that can have meaning. That can be metaphors for something else.”

His complex constructions are a technical tour de force in the way he applies the material. As he breaks and melts, Rozenman creates sculptures that are associated with machines, buildings and utopian or dystopian modernistic forms.


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