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At Galerie Fontana we reflect on the state of contemporary art today. We seek to show how the world appears and actually is, despite its, sometimes, sharp edges and dystopian character. Founded in 2011, we embrace all art media where the key ingredient determining our choice is a strong personal connection with the artwork and artist. Permanently based in a former chocolate factory of 300 sqm covering two floors on the Lauriergracht, one of the many charming canals of Amsterdam, Fontana is also a gallery on the move. In the past have occupied and shared spaces in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and Paris. In the summer of 2015 we exhibited the work of the well-known Dutch photographer Jan Banning during the 56th Venice Biennale.

Fontana was present at international art fairs such Art Rotterdam, Unseen, PAN Amsterdam, Approche during Paris Photo, The Ballroom Project Antwerp, Positions Berlin, Kunsthaus Potzdam and Photo Basel. Our ambition is to bring together interesting people through art related projects around the world, and merge various networks in the cheerful way which typifies our gallery. We represent both young upcoming artists, like Thijs Segers, Esmee van Zeeventer and Simone Hoang, as well as established names, such as Claudy Jongstra, Carolein Smit, Ruud Van Empel,  Hellen van Meene, Jan Banning, Feipel & Bechameil, Robert Polidori and Marchand & Meffre.


The main themes of Fontana's program are humanity, vulnerability and mortality. Most of the art we exhibit originates from this. Many works also have an architectural component and often put you on the wrong track, which can be when it comes to the use of materials, layering or perspective. Craftsmanship and craftsmanship of an artist appeals to us very much. However, we do not pursue a conscious line, we would like to show artists that we have something to offer, works of art that touch us, from internationally launched artists to young emerging talents. 

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Stefan Heinis


Team members:

Rinske Koning

Christen Faver

Joris Montens

Founder & Owner


Henriëtte Scherpbier

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