At Galerie Fontana we reflect on the state of contemporary art today. We seek to show how the world appears and actually is, despite its, sometimes, sharp edges and dystopian character. When Fontana started in 2011 the focus was on photography, but today we embrace all art media. The key ingredient determining our choice is a strong personal connection with the artwork and artist. Permanently based on the Lauriergracht, one of the many charming canals of Amsterdam, Fontana is also a gallery on the move. We have occupied and shared spaces in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and Paris. In the summer of 2015 we exhibited the work of the well-known Dutch photographer Jan Banning during the 56th Venice Biennale.

Next to showcasing the artists we like, our principal raison d'être are temporary projects and pop-up exhibitions. Most recently Galerie Fontana organised a large group exhibition in the centre of Brussels on Avenue Louise, where we filled an 8-story building with all our main artists. What's more, we’ve been present at the international art fairs such as YIA Art Brussels & Paris and YIA Art Basel 2017. Our ambition is to bring together interesting people through art related projects around the world, and merge various networks in the cheerful way which typifies our gallery. We represent both young upcoming artists, like Max Kraanen and Simone Hoang, as well as established names, such as Jan Banning, Morad Bouchakour, Jehoshua Rozenman, artist duo Feipel & Bechameil and Marchand & Meffre.

Joris Montens

Owner & Founder

Renata Honig

Project Director

Amy Pekal

Programme Director

Stefan Heinis


Nicole Cerutti

Gallery Advisor