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Galerie Fontana is pleased to present the paintings of Joan van Barneveld

Saturday 17 April – Saturday 22 May 2021

Slow Fade is the artist’s inaugural exhibition with the gallery. The recent works represent nearly a decade long investigation into what it might mean to disappear from a painting.

By screen-printing onto canvas Van Barneveld seeks to minimize and reframe his role in the painting process. The subject of non-places and non-subjects cultivates a dynamic sensibility in which there remains no solution, no logical narrative to be found. 

This results in artworks that carry with them atmospheric quality informed and reinforced by his music. The represented paintings contrast the heaviness of musical rhythms slowly dragging themselves into a slow fade. This is his way of keeping the work unsolidified and alive.


Joan van Barneveld (b.1978, Veghel) works at the intersection of art and music. In his oeuvre, the act of painting embodies the prevalent abstraction of his music. At their points of convergence, van Barneveld creates new perspectives in which the two disciplines simultaneously inform each other. For the artist, painting is a way to create as much distance between himself and his subject-matter, as well as between the subject-matter and his audience. What is left are vague colorful gradients, and shadowy contours of an image. His use of the screen-printing technique permits van Barneveld to give up control of the painting process, distance himself further from the execution of the work and allow for chance to take over.  By creating paintings akin to over exposed images, Van Barneveld minimized both the evidence of painterly gestures and obscures the subject matter in his work. As a result, the images embody almost expressionless yet subliminal sensations.


Joan van Barneveld has achieved international acclaim and his works have been exhibited in New York and Los Angeles, Belgium, Germany, most notably solo presentations at LMAKprojects NY, Gerhard Hofland Amsterdam, re(D). gallery Antwerpen, Paul Loya Gallery LA and solo exhibitions at Museum Het Domein, and the Bonnefantenmuseum. His work can be found in the collections of De Nederlandsche Bank, DSM Art Collection, Collection Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, Collection Museum Het Domein Sittard, Collection Provincie Limburg, Collection SCHUNCK Heerlen, among other various private collections in Europe and the U.S.



Wednesday - Saturday 
13.00 - 18.00

For an appointment outside opening hours:

+31 (0)20 22 3 88 33

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