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Galerie Fontana proudly presents 'Connecting with Claudy -

A Tribute to the Bloomsbury Group'. 

Claudy Jongstra first solo exhibition at Fontana.

Claudy Jongstra has felt connected to the Bloomsbury Group of artists, writers and intellectuals ever since encountering their radical thoughts on art, literature, economics and society. Jongstra also felt a kinship with the activism of the early 20th century group and their move out of the city into the countryside to establish a studio alongside a gardeners and farmers life. The creation of art without boundaries between fine arts and applied arts by these freethinkers motivated Jongstra further to pursue a career combining making art installations for large public spaces, presenting individual autonomous works of art while working completely sustainable and becoming an activist with socio-cultural projects aimed at reconnecting communities and bringing biodiversity back into the rural landscape.

For this first exhibition of Claudy Jongstra at Galerie Fontana there will be several textile art pieces inspired by the individual residences of the members of the Bloomsbury Group with the magnificent Charleston Farmhouse taking centre stage. It is created in Claudy Jongstra’s signature Drenthe Heath Sheep wool and dyed in a subtle Charleston scheme of natural colours from her dyers garden. Completely new in Jongstra’s oeuvre is a series of large ceramic bowls designed in an NL based collaboration with Cor Unum and hand painted by Claudy Jongstra in engobes including red-burning clay from her own biodynamic farm in Húns. And playing on all the different media the Bloomsbury Group worked in, an elegant wooden framed room divider will embody yet another canvas for Claudy Jongstra’s art.


Click HERE for the availability of the works.


Wednesday - Saturday 
13.00 - 18.00

For an appointment outside opening hours:

+31 (0)20 22 3 88 33

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