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Esmee van Zeeventer (Rotterdam, 1997) graduated the bachelor of Fine Arts at the AKI Artez Enschede in 2021. She is now working as an artist using analog photography and exploring moving image. Esmee seems to operate as an investigator of her own universe, reflecting on her personal history, investigating and showing contemporary possibilities on everyday motives and matters while pondering on questions of the world. She extracts images from the world around her to visualize life’s eternal subjects as memories, love, fear and loneliness.


While walking around and paying close attention to my surroundings, my desire to photograph gets triggered when situations coincide. An evocative occurrence, a memory, a déjà vu, a feeling I cannot describe: as if something could happen at any moment. I take the picture. With the negative I work in the dark for hours to create the final image. In it, I want a world to exist that cannot always be defined, but that makes me long for that intangible place.

Exhibition: About Photography

For an overview of the available works click HERE

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