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The artist duo Feipel and Bechameil is well known for their plaster installation in the Luxembourg Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2011. The artists started working together in 2002 and participated in various group and solo shows. In their readily recognisable artworks, they often use a particular type of white plaster, which conveys a striking and detached feeling. The artists frequently create surreal spaces and installations that play with the theme of alienation. Engagement is important for the artist duo and they are not afraid to confront the viewer with new forms and ideas, which flow from their dystopian, modernist worldview.

Whereas even in recent times, creating the form and content of tomorrow's world was considered the domain of the social sciences and political movements today it seems, that an oligarchy of hi-tech corporations are manipulating and determining the future in their place. To redefine the values of the future, Feipel and Bechameil try to make the ultra-modern-technology-world comprehensible.

For an overview of the available works click HERE

Exhibition: Nighthunters

ExhibitionContemporary Ceramics Collective


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