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Juliane Hundertmark is one of Berlin’s most creative and inventive painters. In her work, the quotidian is rendered as unfamiliar in dream-like worlds. The paintings are psychologically complex and provocative. Hundertmarks narrative scenes depict satirical portraits of humanity. Her figures too, are not what they seem. Solid bodies morph into outlined forms that allude to the figures alter-egos or subconscious musings.

Hundertmark paints mythical and rebellious characters from her imaginary world, brought together to form theatrical and disturbing scenes. Many of the characters in her paintings refer to historical and religious events. Hundermark approaches her work with confidence and a touch of genuine phatos. Her narratives are beautifully balanced by fast and brilliant paintwork, which she combines with small sections of collage, to create a world that is equal in beauty to its strangeness.

Award winning artist Juliane Hundertmark was born in Mainz in 1971 and lives in Berlin, Germany. She was commended for her “unique style unlike any other painters working today” by Barbara Bloemink, curator of the Guggenheim Museums.



Exhibition 2020: Freaks und Strangers

Exhibition 2023: Creatures

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