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In Beerens’ oeuvre, nature, organic objects and desolated places always play an important role. Discovering photography while making the book Slakkensporen (2005), Beerens started to document 'objets trouvés' in detailed photos, with specific attention to light and texture. From there he began to make a photographic inventory of abandoned places inter alia, an industrial area near Antwerp, a station in the Czech Republic and derelict nature around Europe. Time has made these places grow in their own particular way, and slowly disappear from the contemporary world. In his trips through Europe, Beerens searches for such places and captures them in negative film. Using these negatives, the material photographs are then woven together in Tilburg.

With his material photography Frans Beerens creates a sense of materiality and depth that he felt was lacking in regular photography. The work exemplifies the contemporary blurring of borders between the arts, and introduces a new genre in which decorative art and photography overlap.


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