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Ruben Terlou is a photographer and doctor, known for the highly acclaimed VPRO six-episode documentary “Along the Banks of the Yangtze, China through the eyes of photographer Ruben Terlou.”

His photographs tell the stories of Chinese farmers, workmen, artists and idealists whom he met along his journey. Terlou’s endearing personality, combined with his fluent Chinese, has resulted in deeply personal portraits. In a country where development takes place faster than the population is able to comprehend and internalise, unusual situations can arise in daily life. Ruben Terlou is capable of documenting the adaptability of the people he meets, whilst simultaneously showing how they always stay faithful to the things they believe in. More than just documenting, Terlou tries to capture the personal and remarkable stories of people around the world.


Along the Yangtze
Latest series 2018
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